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24/7/365 Security Monitoring and Response

Globally Distributed SOC's and vSOC's Provide Clients With Uninterrupted Monitoring, Remote Response and Boots on the Ground if Needed


Distributed and vSOC Infrastructure

ARC maintains a SOC infrastructure where analysts continuously monitor clients networks using DBRT.  The socks are geographically distributed in the USA, Europe and Australia.  In addition to the follow the sun model of the SOC's GDF maintains a staff of analysts and incident responders that are tied into the SOC infrastructure, we call the vSOC or virtual SOC.  By keeping the amount of in SOC time to a minimum ARC has been able to recruit top tier analysts and threat hunters while maintaining regulatory compliance in all countries we operate in.

Emergency Response Teams

Under a Service Level Agreement (SLA), with no cost upfront or hourly charges unless a team responds, GDF can provide Emergency Response Teams  (ERTs) that can be deployed and onsite within hours in most major metropolitan areas and are guaranteed to arrive on site with 12-24 anywhere in the world. Our network of responders are highly trained and strategically located to maximize response times. By having GDF standing by to respond to IT incidents, we help put organizations into compliance with legislation like Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) as well as FDIC, OCC and SEC regulations. Our no-cost-to-contract philosophy allows for the implementation of a standby team ready to respond without having to pay upfront retainers or costs for services that may never be used. But should an incident arise requiring a response, our clients simply contact the national call center, give details and location of the incident, and an Emergency Response Team will be dispatched as soon as possible.

Global Partner Network

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