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 Securing the Internet of Things, SCADA and Blockchains with Ground Breaking, Patent Pending Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Combined with Exceptional XDR Capabilities

DBRT, Application Security's AI based platform, works behind the scenes to detect and deflect security threats in real time.  DBRT is a complete XDR solution for IoT, SCADA and Blockchain Applications that can detect virtually all cyber threats and autonomously remediate potential breaches before damage can be done.. Contact us to learn more.

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DBRT is the only XDR Solution designed for IC and SCADA networks and devices. DBRT is purpose built and designed to monitor, detect, and respond to threats in real time giving operators and security personnel unparalleled insight into their environment.

DBRT Crypto is designed to monitor and detect anomalies in a block chain.  From detecting fraudulent transactions in cryptocurrency transactions, NFT ownership or DeFi smart contracts DBRT can also maintain intelligently stored an accessible information on each transaction for compliance and tracking.

PLCs and SCADA systems in general pose challenges to traditional security products.  DBRT is purpose built and designed to meet those challenges.  By focusing on the traffic and using AI to analyze and detect anomalies in real time, DBRT can identify and block virtually any attack on a IC Network.

DBRTs IoT and Transportation modules are designed to monitor and respond to attacks against controllers, sensors, and signals.  With AI specifically designed for extended detection and response in smart vehicles, DBRT is redefining how the transportation industry protects life and cargo.

Today’s Cyber Security Challenge

Cyberattacks and breaches are soaring, and businesses must balance costs with risk. The industry doesn’t need another point solution to cobble together. It needs a scalable, intelligent central platform that is fed with the right data and armed with the ability to automatically respond to threats.

Why Existing Approaches Fail

So why are organizations still getting breached?


At GDF Cyber, we believe it is because of complex environments with blind spots, disparate tools, and alert noise. Today’s environments consist of physical, virtualized, containerized workloads in public, private and hybrid clouds that create huge coverage challenges and an unmanageable amount of unactionable alerts. In this state, it is extremely difficult for security teams to efficiently respond to threats and identify the critical ones before data is stolen or damage is done. A better early warning detection system is needed.  That is where DBRT fits the bill.

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The Solution

ARC Cyber delivers the only intelligent next gen security operations platform which is the first to be powered by open everything defection and response (Open XDR).

The platform combines the functions of pervasive data collection, big data processing and artificial intelligence through machine learning.

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